Saturday, November 12, 2011

Thrift Shop-Behind the Scene

There is a great deal of preparation and strategy that precedes the "first Thursday of the month" Thrift Shop sale. All gently used clothing is donated, thanks to the generosity of its benefactors.  Some of the donations are delivered to St. John's back door, some delivered directly to our homes, and some are picked up on location and delivered  to the shop by members of the Mary, Martha Guild (affectionately known as the "M&M's).

Mother Nature's unexpected October snow storm held up a 'delivery' to my home making it necessary for a Road Trip to Red Bank, N.J. to the offices of Western Pest Services where the generous ladies who work there had TONS of clothing they were donating.  My sister and I were the picker-uppers today.
The generous employees of Western Pest Services:  Shirley, Cindy, AnnMarie and Jeanette.  After describing the workings of the Thrift Shop and thanking the ladies, the donations were loaded into the back of my truck for the return trip to Somerville, N.J., and the subsequent unloading and setting up of the clothing.   
The bagged donations are sorted and placed on designated tables by the 'back stage crew', and then the volunteers take the items and place them on the tables in the sales area (Parish Hall). 

 In addition to many tables of clothing ranging in size from Newborn to Women's and Men's Plus sizes, we had many shoes for sale. 
A new 'logo' was designed for us by Chris Spolarich, and the aprons we all wear while serving the shoppers were made for us by "Screen Styles" of Manville, N.J. (Chris's employer) and made available to us at a very substantial discount.  Here is Dot Spolarich (Chris's mom) modeling the apron for us.
This Thursday was a particularly special day for the M&M's and the Thrift Shop because it was the day Ms. Polito was presenting donations to three charities within our community to help them continue to help others.

 Dee Guarino and Nancy Michaud representing the East Millstone First Aid Squad, whose building was destroyed in the floods produced by Hurricane Irene.
 Joanne Polito and the Reverend Rafael Perez representing the Salvation Army in Somerville.
 Joanne and Marymae Henley who represents the Cooperative Housing Association.  Also representing the association but not pictured here was Joyce Pennyfeather.

A list of the organizations that the Thrift Shop contributes to:

A letter of thanks from the Executive director of the Interfaith Hospitality Network of Somerset County. 
November 3. 2001 had special meaning to the Shop because it marked the 6th year anniversary of service to those in need.  To date the Thrift Shop has raised and donated $30,000.00 to the community.

While we appreciated being  recognized and thanked by the various agencies and associations the Shop contributes to, nothing is as rewarding and gratifying as the beaming faces of the women, men and children as they leave the Shop with their purchases.  . 

Thank you for visiting "This and That" and a little bit of .......paying it forward and keeping in mind those in need.      
   Linda P.

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  1. Dear Linie, great work and wow, you gals have contributed a pile of money for the community. I love the logo. I wish that we had aprons too. I wear one from home just to identify myself as a volunteer, but we do not have a shop logo. Very nice blog. Love Lori (RED) oxoxox