Sunday, May 29, 2011

Instant Summer; Just add Water

Summer begins at our home with the official Pool OPENING!! We usually have the pool opened Mid-May so that by "summer time" the water is warm enough for swimming.  With the seasons going from winter to hazy, hot and humid in 60 seconds the water warmed up quickly.
Pawsitively patient and vigilant, Petey waits for Ken and George to arrive.
 Petey's (and our) patience is rewarded, here come Ken and George
 The first order of business is to remove the FIRST cover.  This is done by removing the water bags that held the cover in place through the winter, and dragging the 20x40 foot cover over the boxwoods to the grassy area where it can be laid flat to begin folding the cover so it can be stored for the summer.

 The men systematically pull and fold, and pull and fold until......

There is a neat bundle

Work continues with the removal of the bolt-secured springs that hold the safety cover in place. 

The safety cover, a mesh-like fabric resembles a trampoline and is held in place by coiled springs attached to the concrete with bolts.  This removal is done very precisely and step-by-step since the cover when detached from the bolts tends to lay across the water.  This cover is also carefully folded for storage. 

The water is crystal clear, and only a few worms on the bottom of the shallow end.  What a relief!  George unplugs the intake and out put outlets

 and Ken readies primes the pump that runs the filters. 

The water bags are rolled up and the ladder and stairs are put in place

Then the diatomaceous earth (the filtering agent), chlorine and algaecide is added

 When all the prep work is done, it's time for the fun to begin. While I was told the water was 'fine', the clenched-jaw smile makes me a bit doubtful.  However...... Come On IN the water's FINE!!!!
Once again, thank you for visiting "This and That" and a little bit of a 'JUST ADD WATER'.  Please come again, and bring your swim suit!!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

From the Heart

A good exercise for the heart is to bend down and help another up.......John Andrew Holmes
That being said, the women of St. John's Church have a most rewarding exercise program since they sponsor and maintain the "From The Heart" Thrift Shop. This outreach program operates out of St. John's parish hall on the first Thursday of EVERY month (except August).  The doors are open to ALL from 11AM - 6:30PM.  The shop serves the immediate Somerville area as well as surrounding communities. 
 It was my privilege to be present this past Thursday when prior to opening the shop doors, Joanne Polito, the dedicated driving force behind this successful endeavor,   presented four local charities with financial donations, made possible by the proceeds of the the shop's sales. This could not be done without help from the parish family and their contributions of lovely, gently used clothing.  The community has also responded as a result of publicity provided to the local papers.
 Patricia Bielcik and Janetta Buckmire represent the Somerset Treatment Center of Handicapped Children
 Tom O'Leary accepting on behalf of the S.H.I.P (Samaritan Homeless Interim Program)
 Harold Williard and Paula Windus accepting on behalf of the Jessamine Henderson Scholarship Fund
 The Reverend Kathleen Mulvihill accepting on behalf of the Chaplaincy to the Elderly
 Father Ron Pollock, our Rector, acknowledging and thanking the hardworking VOLUNTEERS who support and maintain the shop.

 Clothing choices range from the most casual to the elegant "formal", and everything in between; from the the youngest (above) to the more 'mature'

 The shop doors open, and the room becomes alive with activity.


Due to the affordable pricing chart, and the success of the shop, since opening on November 3, 2005, $25,000.00 has been donated to local charities. 

A.J. Toner wrote: "The widest thing in the universe is not space, it is the potential capacity of the HEART".
He undoubtedly had the "From The Heart" Thrift Shop in mind.  Click on photos to enlarge.

Thank you for visiting "This and That" and a little bit of the Thrift Shop!