Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Water, water everywhere!

Knowing that Hurricane Irene was headed straight for us, I decided to be pro-active and heed the Governor's warnings,  We took the necessary steps to hopefully escape the "indoor swimming pool" in the basement.  We had the generator all ready,

 Had the candles (all safely in the aptly named hurricane holders), the flashlights, and the battery powered  hurricane lantern.

Our supply of bottled drinking water,

and the bathtub filled with potable water and water to use for 'sanitary purposes'.   Even resurected the old Corning Ware coffee pot (remember the top of the stove models???) and the cannisters of coffee. YES, I did use it.  Wasn't great, but it was coffee!

We cleared the deck of all the furniture except the table that weighs a tun.  Figured that if the winds took that table away, we house would most likely be in Kansas right about now!

The rest of the furniture was stored in the foyer, dining room, and office. 

 With all our precautions, we still had 7 inches of water in the basement.  The power failed in the early morning hours, and that's all it took.  By the time we realized the power was out and got the generator running, the damage was done.   A couple of our neighbors who didn't have generators, needed to have the  Hillsborough Fire Department pump out their basements.  They had over 3 feet of water in their basements.

I won't go into details about our inconveniences, they are minor compared Manville, N.J., the next town over, which has been on national news. We only lost our HVAC unit, they lost EVERYTHING.   After visiting a friend of mine whose home was ravaged by the flood waters, and seeing first hand the damage, destruction, and loss she and her neighbors suffered, I felt is would be unconscionable to publish photos of their losses. Thankfully there was no loss of life in our immediate area.  Things can be replaced,  people cannot.

Thank you for visiting "This and That"........and a little bit of water, water everywhere!!  Please visit again,

Linda P