Monday, October 24, 2011

Four and Twenty Blackbirds

Well....not EXACTLY four, more like 20; and not EXACTLY blackbirds, but Turkey Hawks, standing 2-3 feet tall and with a wing-span of 5-6 feet and the face of an angry turkey. These fiendish looking fowl took up residence in the trees along side our house.
I tired the scare (crow) tactic using my own straw-filled sentinels, but that didn't seem to faze the hawks.  I decided to seek professional help, and took a trip to Peddlar's Village in Lahaska, Pa. to see the annual "Scarecrow Display and Competition".



Having toured the grounds, and enjoying the many scarecrows on display, it was time to sit a spell. This detecting work can be tiring!  On the way home, I spotted the perfect larger than life scarecrows perched on two Edith Ann-and-that's-the-truth sized Adirondack style chairs (remember Laugh-In???).  Perfect foil for those nasty hawks, but sadly just TOO HUGE to be relocated. 

I would love to see the neighbors' faces if these DID appear on the front lawn!!!  Well, as problems do this one solved itself while I was away.......and then there was one (soon to be none) who left when he realized his friends had gone on in search of food elsewhere!

Thank you for visiting "This and That" and a little bit of boo-tiful, spook-tacular scarecrows and the crows (ahem...hawks) they scare.  Please visit again! .......Linda P. 

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